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Solar Energy supercharged with Smart Control

Solar power is an amazing technology that shows no limits to its potential. Gone are the days that it was only installed for those who justified it on a social or sustainable model. Commercial justification is now valid. To supercharge this we have combined the value of solar power with the Smart capabilities of Smart Installations control system to maximise every KWH you consume.

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Commercial sites are perfect for a solar supply. With most of the load happening in the daylight times means that you have the ability to maximise the energy generated for your business.Generally roof space is perfect for solar panels with large open spaces available. Some sites even over generate allowing by back into the energy market via your retailer.

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EV Charging via Solar

With the growth of EV vehicles, there is going to be a higher demand on charging cars at the workplace. By installing a Solar EV solution, not only do you reduce the need to upgrade your existing power infrastructure, you get the charging energy for free. This can be used for your fleet or staff. By adding in a battery solution, you can also recharge fleet vehicles over night and maximise the energy generated by your solar system.