Heating & Lighting Control

Energy saving is a priority and good control is vital. The control of heating, which is the biggest cost in most properties, must provide comfort and ease of use: for instance, to be set back to standby when the occupier is not present. Lighting can and should be optimised in the same way


We will work with your mechanical and electrical services teams to provide a cost-effective, high performance energy management system for your home that will save you money, make you more comfortable and be a delight to use.



To control and monitor heavy energy using appliances, we utilize a 10A smart wall plug.  This allows control for load shedding purposes or during critical peak times as well as health and energy usage monitoring. 



16-25A Relays are utilized to switch Hot water cylinder’s electric emersion heaters in the residential cylinders.  Vacation mode can switch off the cylinder saving energy, or scheduling can turn the cylinder off during times of high pricing.   



Controlling High Wall Heat Pumps and Inverters has been extremely difficult until now.  The heat pumps are now wirelessly connected to the home area network giving full control of the Heat Pump for scheduling i.e. pre heating a room before you get home, temperature adjustment and control via iPhone/WEB and the ability to offset temperature output during peak demand times.   



Measuring just 5cm x 3cm, the Control4 Puck Switch is designed to fit behind your existing Towel Rail switch and connects the device wirelessly to the network.This gives you the ability to now measure and control the device, via schedules or smartphone/tablet. The Puck switch also has an LED control output, lighting up to let you know when the towel rail is on. 
Towels are always dried, but the towel rail is not left running all day and night.  

Lighting Control: 

Architects spend much of their time optimising their designs for natural light - it is surprising that we do not give more thought to artificial light given we live with it for much of the year. Lighting control systems can rectify this by bringing out the real beauty of your home in all light conditions as well as by promoting a sense of 'wellness' and security by knowing the lights are automatically going to adjust their brightness depending on the time of day or welcome you home as you reach for your keys to unlock your front door. 

This isn't science fiction any more - this is just the way you should be living in the 21 st century and we can fit it discreetly and attractively to anything from a 150 sq meter new build apartment to a 800 sq meter house in the country. Whether it be a full system that gives you one-touch access to your entertainment systems too (it's surprisingly liberating to turn on the radio at the touch of engraved button on the kitchen keypad) or a flexible  deployment we can design the right platform around your needs.

Talk to us about the key benefits of using lighting controls in your renovation.


Wireless Lighting Control

Get started with the magic of smart lighting in just one room, or brighten up the entire house.

Wireless lighting provides sophisticated style in sleek color configurations, guaranteed to complement the beauty of your home. Customisable buttons allow you to control more than just lighting—including music, movies and more—with a simple press. Turn on or off multiple rooms, or the entire house, with one tap. Motion sensors provide hands-free illumination and automatically turn off lights when no one is in the room. Your home can even alternate lights to appear occupied while you’re away.

Voice controlled lighting

If you have Control4 Smart Lighting, you can add immediate out-of--the-box voice control of your lights with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Ask Alexa to light the way when you walk home into the ouse with your arms full. Set the mood easily by asking Alexa to lower the dining room lights to 40%. Or turn off every light at once from the comfort of your bed. 


Centralised smart lighting

Perfect for those building a new home or undertaking a major renovation, centralised lighting allows you to move your lighting controls elsewhere, like a closet, allowing you to replace bans of switches with stylish and elegant keypads. Button customisation enables one-touch control of lighting, but also entertainment, security, climate and more. 

To talk you through the options in plain english, simply call us.