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Sick and tired of slow internet?

One of the biggest complaints we hear about is slow internet at home. Things can get even slower when you’ve got multiple users – like Mum and Dad working off their laptops, kids watching You Tube or Netflix and teenagers streaming music off Spotify.    

On top of that, having end-to-end coverage in your house, gives you the ability to connect literally hundreds of smart home devices and have them talk together. At Smart Installations we believe that having a robust internet network is as just as important as having hot and cold running water. 

we can turbocharge your home network.

We design systems that perform fast, reliably and that disappear into the background so that you can just live your life. We also use world-class high performance networking technology – not the bargain basement stuff – like the free routers that most telcos send you.

To talk you through the options in plain english, simply call us.