Sometimes the easiest way to get a handle on what is possible is to see how we've done it before... Take a look at the projects below and then let us know how you'd like us to work for you.

eastbourne house

This client had just purchased a newly built property that had some basic wiring installed by the builders electrician but wanted an easy to use audio and video system, a solid home network and wifi on all 3 levels on the house as the owners often worked from home. They wanted the ability to stream movies and TV programs to both TV's as well as the ability to stream their favourite music in the kitchen & dining rooms. They also wanted some basic lighting control in the lounge, and a serious security system that could be remotely set and unset all off the one easy to use app. 

We choose a combination of Control4 portable touch screens and SR260 remotes located in the rooms for control, we deployed hidden wifi access points throughout to provide seamless wifi, as well as a centralised video server, and multiple sky decoders that streamed HD video to each TV screen. Lighting control was integrated for the ceiling lights and floor lamp in the lounge, the kitchen and dining rooms. The security system was integrated into the system for remote arm/disarm as well as activation notification, we also integrated control of the fireplace to remove the need for a separate remote just to turn the fire on and off. 

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment, Networking, Security, Lighting, Comfort & Support

Motor yacht refit

This large motor yacht was undergoing a major refit and we were asked to design a simple to use audio video system that the whole family could enjoy using throughout the vessel. It had to be discrete and complement the beautifully hand crafted decor, while also giving plenty of sound when entertaining on board. Space was at a premium so we had to be exacting in our design for the AV equipment, and because this vessel was destined for offshore cruising were broadband would be expensive we had to limit the use of streaming media services.

We chose a combination of Control4 touch screens and SR260 remotes located around vessel for control, we deployed hidden wifi access points throughout to provide seamless wifi access while cruising locally, as well as a centralised video server, and multiple sky decoders that streamed HD video to each smart TV screen and the on board Theatre.

The client loved his music so we integrated a music server with plenty of albums to choose from right off the touch screens or his portable device of choice.

The key to making this project successful was to design it very carefully and work closely with the boat builders to get all the details right.

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment, Networking & Support

Boardroom Upgrade

This client had a wonderful room but the technology in it was getting dated.  They required an audio visual solution that had to be easy to use, that allowed them to present off iPads and tablets as well as allow for video conference meetings to other locations. The solution also had to hold its own when the room was used for entertaining, and of course they did not want to see any wires.  

As this was a update to an existing room we kept damage to a minimum by choosing to use a Sonos Playbar to deliver the audio, and selected a 75" Samsung 4K TV to deliver the visual content. We think the size looks balanced in the space while also providing a great viewing experience. 

We choose a Control4 7" portable touch screen to control all the functions in the room. 

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment, Networking & Support


retail revamp

Our client had a large prominent wall at the back of one of their retail stores and required a very large projected image in an non standard format. We used 2 x 6500 lumen projectors mounted over and under for a single, edge blended image of 5.8 meters high by 4.0 meters wide! Filling up the wall with an impressive moving video.

We also supplied and installed a commercial audio solution to fill the location with even warm rich sound while not being obvious.

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment, Networking & Support

CBD Penthouse

We were commissioned to build a discrete theatre in this lounge that when not is use it would disappear in to the ceiling void creating a clean look. 

Bathing in this apartment be sure to last awhile with the water proof TV we installed with Kef speakers. 

We used an RTI Ipad control system so the customer can control all four music and video zones.

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment, Networking & Support

saint mary's bay renovation

 We greatly enjoyed working for this inspirational client - she sourced the most beautiful fittings and worked with great care throughout the project, from planning to completion. She asked us to install a fully integrated system comprising audio & video door entry at the gate and front door; CCTV cameras; full house wifi and fast wired networking; high definition TV distribution from central sources located out of sight in a rack hidden in the hallway; and six zones of sophisticated multi-room music, as well as a dedicated movie room.

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment, Networking, Security & Support

Pukekohe New Build

This family wanted music to two areas of the house and a surround sound system in the multi-purpose family room. They needed the system to be easy to use. They also wanted a solid wifi throughout the house including out on the patio and extensive decking area. We elected for a Pro Control remote and iPad control application, lounge and deck in-ceiling speakers, smart networked TV’s in bedrooms, 2 x wifi in-ceiling access points, all cabled back to hidden equipment cupboard.

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment, Networking & Support