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Basic TV Wall Mount Installation

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Basic TV Wall Mount Installation

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This TV installation is for wall mounting your flat screen TV on any type of wall, timber, gib, concrete, and smooth Stone wall.

The Cables between the TV and your components(Sky Decoder, DVD player etc) will be concealed in 25mm wide plastic wire capping, that will be attached on the surface of the wall. This wire cover can then be painted over to mach the color of your wall. (painting not included)

An Electrical and power outlet should be at the bottom of the wall less than 5 meters away. The components like Sky decoder box, Blu ray player etc should be placed on a stand right below the TV or on a wall mounted shelf.

You will need a TV Mounting Bracket, HDMI and/or RCA cables to connect your TV with devices like Sky decoder, Blu-Ray players and others. These items are not included but can be purchased from us at the time of installation.

  • Send a technician to your home or office.
  • Provide a professional consultation for the work you want
  • Install your pre-purchased mounting bracket to standard wood, masonry or gib wall and mount the TV on the bracket.
  • Connect up 3 pre-purchased audio / video components such as an HD Sky decoder, DVD player, gaming console etc to your TV.
  • Extend your existing TV aerial cable up to 5 meters in length and re-position behind the TV.
  • Extend the TV’s power cable up to 5 meters in length or supply up to a 5mtr standard power extension cord.
  • Tune in TV stations.
  • Conceal your pre-purchased audio / video cables inside paint-able capping. 
  • Make sure everything is working properly
  • Show you how to use your new system
  • Clean up, remove all packaging materials from your home and neatly organise all cables
  • Make sure your completely satisfied

****Does NOT include electrical outlet relocation***