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Electrical Outlet Installation Behind TV *** Add On ***


Electrical Outlet Installation Behind TV *** Add On ***

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This is item is an "add on" for Advanced TV installations 

Send a licensed electrician to your home or office.
We will assess your desired TV location and ensure that we have adequate in-wall access to route the new power cabling.
We will install a double outlet power socket in your standard wood or gib wall. 
The location of the power outlet will be located where your TV is to be mounted. (TV mounting sold separately).
We will conceal the wire in your standard frame wall, If your wall will not allow wire fishing, we will provide a paintable wire moulding to conceal the wire.
Clean up, remove all packaging materials from your home and neatly organise all cables.
We will leave you with an electrical certificate of compliance(CoC).
Make sure you're completely satisfied.