Rest easy knowing everything is safe.

When you have a family to care for, your number one priority is that everyone is safe. You’ll also want peace of mind knowing that the assets you’ve worked hard for are secure. At Smart Installations we understand the importance of safety and security at home and we’re here to minimise the chance of any issues by giving you the most up-to-date technology.

From really basic functions like getting an alert sent to your phone when the alarm goes off – or sent to trusted key holders if you’re not available. Then you can add in real time images and details about whether it’s a fire, flood or burglary. When it comes to people, you might want to receive a txt when your kids arrive home from school. Or when someone rings the bell at your front gate you might want to see who it is.

In short, the options are virtually endless and it really comes down to talking through your specific requirements and customising a system to suit.

Our security systems revolve around 3 key areas:

  • Access control:
    Who has rights to enter your property
    How do they access it (key, keypad, fob, fingerprint etc)
    Do you want their visits logged?
    What happens when they're in (lights turn on, living 'profile' are started  
  • Security camera imagery
    Utilising beyond-HD camera lenses in colour, black and white and even thermal imagery we can set event 'traps' to record the presence of people
  • Fire & alarm monitoring
    Simple integration to existing or new alarm systems with real time alerts
    Information on which sensor has detected an issue and thereby give you the tools to react appropriately


To talk youo through the options in plain english, simply call us.