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By designing and installing a central music system for the home all the ugly boxes and cables can be hidden out of view  – all the technology can be beautifully integrated with the interior design of your home, with music played through speakers which can be as much of a feature, or as discrete as you would like. 

We can design a multi-room music system for your home with wired or wireless equipment or a combination of both.

We can select from the best wireless brands Sonos, Heos or Triad Audio. 

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All our systems are compatible with Spotify Connect, Tidal, Airplay, TuneIn Radio and much more.  You can control your music system for the home via your phone, tablet or even a PC.  Volume can be altered with the touch of a button and set to varying levels across multiple rooms simultaneously, with the same music played in all areas, or different music in every room. The choice is yours. 

Or click here to down load a Control4 Smart Home Entertainment Solutions Guide

With a huge range of custom loudspeaker products available to us, Smart Installations are highly experienced in designing and installing reference quality sound systems that blend seamlessly with your decor. 

From custom paint-matched speakers, to luxurious real wood veneers, to high performance speakers mounted behind acoustic fabric, or even completely invisible 'plaster-in' speakers... we've got options to satisfy any design requirement. 

We can select from all the best speaker brands B&W, Kef, Niles, TruAudio, Triad, Sonos, Nuvo, Denon, Heos, SpeakerCraft.

Rich, powerful sound changes the way you live in your home. Music becomes something to savour, not just something to have on in the background.  

Parties are more enjoyable when the sound is consistently clear and crisp throughout the entire room. Even talk radio and podcasts become more intelligible and less fatiguing when heard on a high quality audio system.

A high quality garden speaker system will take your BBQs up a level - and because of the clever way we design our systems your neighbors won't be disturbed either.

If you've never heard what a great music system sounds like, a visit to our Experience Centre is a must, so book an appointment today.

Music for the home Triad GA-Sat

Perfect Third Invisible Speakers

The Perfect Third works hard to make their invisible speakers sound as beautiful as possible.Their Live Wall speakers are different.  Completely invisible under paint, plaster, wallpaper. Completely believable, with a direct-radiating, point source design.  Mounted in ceilings, walls, outdoors, even in challenging locations like steam showers, the Live Wall invisible range brings music to any room, with the magic of invisibility.

Can Be Used In Environmental Extremes
The Live Wall withstands heat, cold, humidity, and moisture, and can be used in marine applications, indoors and out.

Audiophile Performance
Unlike other hidden speakers, the Live Wire provides full-range extension, from 48 Hz to 20,000 Hz with high-impact bass, realistic midrange, and sparkling high frequencies.

Protected From Abuse
An in-line protection circuit shields the speaker from excessive power and electrical spikes.

Two-Step Installation
The unique installation method is a common-sense approach for flush-mounting. Can be installed in new construction with a back box or as a retrofit in existing walls. Leveling springs align the speaker perfectly with the face of the gib. The diaphragm accepts gib plaster mud, Venetian plaster, even stucco.

Sound interesting want to have a listen? We have a pair installed in our Expierence Centre in Mokoia Rd Birkenhead. 

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Triad Garden Array

The Triad Garden Array is a family of premium, all-weather landscape speakers that are the perfect combination of elegance, sound, and durability. This family includes the unique GA4 Satellite and powerful GA10 Subwoofer speakers, designed to be placed throughout flowerbeds or around the yard blanketing outdoor spaces with rich, beautiful audio. Triad Garden Array speakers are completely scalable for every outdoor listening experience, from courtyards and patios to entire residential estates.

The Triad GA4 Satellite speaker is built around a unique, Ultra-Broad Dispersion (UBD) driver that provides superior sound coverage using fewer speakers. GA4 Sats deliver a 150-degree listening area that is over 50% wider than traditional landscape speakers, allowing for broader speaker placement without compromising sound quality. Everyone gets consistent volume levels and tonal balance for filling outdoor areas without the beaming or hot spotting of conventional designs.

The GA10 Subwoofer is designed for both above- and below-ground installations so the bass can be located exactly where you want it—on the patio or deck, or buried near a pool, gazebo, or pergola. Kits are available for either type of installation.

With the best-looking aesthetics in this outdoor category, from courtyards and patios to entire residential estates, Triad is the ultimate choice for your outdoor sound.


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