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Taking Automation to the Water

If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of automation technology on your yacht, launch or any other vessel, you’ll need to talk to a company with specific expertise in the marine environment.   

At Smart Installations, we have that expertise:

  • We work to specific marine electrical regulations
  • We understand the impact of a corrosive, saltwater environment
  • We know how to get around tight/tricky spaces
  • We install systems that work in a moving environment
  • We work with marine specific products - such as stranded cabling
  • We can design and install for multiple power outputs
  • We minimise the transfer of electrical ‘noise’
  • We can give you access to marine broadband and 4G


With this proven track record in the marine environment we can create audio visual entertainment solutions that allow those on-board to enjoy different music, movies and tv on any deck and in any cabin. Providing fast, efficient WiFi access allows everyone to stay connected when they’re at sea. Cutting edge security systems can be installed to increase safety and provide peace of mind when the boat is in dock.