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omaha beach house

This client commissioned a newly built beach front property and we were engaged to design, wire and install an easy to use audio and video system, a solid home network and WiFi in all areas of the house as the owners wanted to work from the beach house. They wanted the ability to stream movies and TV programs to three TV's as well as the ability to stream their favourite music in the kitchen & dining rooms and outdoor areas. They also wanted a serious security system that could be remotely set and unset all off the one easy to use app so they could remotley monitor the property.

We choose a combination of Control4 portable touch screens and SR260 remotes located in the rooms for control, we deployed hidden wifi access points throughout to provide seamless wifi, as well as a centralised video server, and multiple sky decoders that streamed HD video to each TV screen. The security system was integrated into the system for remote arm/disarm as well as activation notification, we also integrated control of the fireplace to remove the need for a separate remote just to turn the fire on and off. 

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment, Networking, Security, Comfort & Support


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