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The backbone for your business.

At Smart Installations we know our data and we know what is the fastest, most efficient and robust way to move it around your premises. Data is the lifeblood of a modern business and it can make or break you just by how your systems perform compared to your competitors.


Smart Installations will give you that edge with our Smart Structured Data Systems (SSDS) that will ensure that you are not only rock solid but set to meet all future demands. We ensure that we use the right data transport method for your data, be it Cat 6, Fibre, Wireless and Coaxial cables with top quality cabinets, connections and interfaces.




Quality Cabling is the heart of any Data network and automation system. At Smart installations we use only the highest quality cables, fitting and interconnecting equipment to ensure that you have the best of breed data infrastructure spine



If cable is the spine of your data network WiFi is the arms and legs! Because your building is not a uniform shape and is built from different materials, it is critical that your WiFi is designed to reach every part of your property. Nothing can be more frustrating that black-spots in your business.



Another area that is critical. As the equipment where all data is centralised and dispatched from, having your cabinet well designed, install tidily and labelled correctly will save you hours of downtime if there is a fault to rectify. Most time delays in getting a business back up and running due to a network fault is caused by messy, unlabeled cabinets.