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System DESIGNERS for home automation and audio Visual INSTALLATIONS

Great outcomes only happen with great design.

It doesn’t matter how good the components are or how skilled your installer is, if a project starts with a sub-standard design, it will fail. Which is why great design is at the heart of everything we do. At Smart Installations we consider every detail, and every product is carefully selected and rigorously tested to make sure they work together effectively. That way we can ensure the system is reliable and our customers are 100% satisfied. 


Having a great design on paper, means that later, you’re not trying to solve expensive problems on site. Our drawings also make it easy for the other trades to follow, so they don’t make costly mistakes either. 

Our designs include:

  • Up to 2 iterations of structured cabling drawings showing all relevant low voltage cables

  • Initial calculations of conduit sizings for the cable bundles at the point of ingress to any equipment cabinet location

  • A detailed Bill of Materials comprising a full system architecture to deliver the functionalities listed in the the Project Foundation Document

  • Sizings for the equipment cabinets needed to house the components (e.g. racks, lighting control panels, heating manifold panels etc)

To talk you through the options in plain english, simply call us.