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We were commissioned to build a discrete theatre in this lounge that when not is use it would disappear in to the ceiling void creating a clean look. 

Bathing in this apartment be sure to last awhile with the water proof TV we installed with Kef speakers. 

We used an RTI Ipad control system so the customer can control all four music and video zones.

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment, Networking & Support

This family wanted music to two areas of the house and a surround sound system in the multi-purpose family room. They needed the system to be easy to use. They also wanted a solid wifi throughout the house including out on the patio and extensive decking area. We elected for a Pro Control remote and iPad control application, lounge and deck in-ceiling speakers, smart networked TV’s in bedrooms, 2 x wifi in-ceiling access points, all cabled back to hidden equipment cupboard.

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment, Networking & Support


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