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Rest easy knowing everything is safe

Today there is so many issues you must deal within your business, the last thing you want to be worrying about is how your security infrastructure is performing. With Smart Installations many years of experience you will have peace of mind that the Smart Security system you have will be rock solid!

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Gone of the days of static security systems. Smart Installations systems are integrated together to ensure that you have full control and know the status of all your systems through one portal via your phone, tablet or PC, 24/7 anywhere in the world.

The team at Smart Installations is ready to meet with you to discuss your needs, then design supply, install, train staff and maintain your system to ensure you have peace of mind! It is the Smart Security One Stop Shop!


Access control

Access control systems are an essential part of your commercial security system. With access control you will effectively keep your business safe and secure. Smart Installations has a range of systems that can be customised to your needs.



CCTV Systems have become more sophisticated and cost effective for the protection of your property and staff. Smart Installations systems are fully integrated and will allow you to have real time viewing at any time from your phone and will record in High definition for review at a later date.


Shop Security

With the rise in shop theft it is important to protect yourself, your staff and your business from product loss. These systems also have the added benefit of being able to remotely check stock levels and foot traffic congestion. They can be small and discrete and can double as CCTV for after hours.


Intruder detection and alarms

With this being your last level of defence, it is important the system is robust, reliable and well designed. All our systems are remotely controlled with alerts going to your phone as well as your security company. If you have multiple floors or sites, no problem we will integrate these into one platform for ease of use and control.

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Security Lighting

Smart Installations will perform a security lighting assessment to identify any potential safety and security risks by surveying your businesses perimeter to ensure there are no black spots to ensure your property, product and staff are safe.


Gate Automation

Security gates are an essential component of industrial and restricted-access facilities. The purpose of an automatic security gate is to ensure that access to specified grounds is limited to authorised personnel.

Smart Installations Ltd is a licenced security company, licensed by the Department of Justice.

Smart Installations Ltd is a licenced security company, licensed by the Department of Justice.