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Motor yacht refit

This large motor yacht was undergoing a major refit and we were asked to design a simple to use audio video system that the whole family could enjoy using throughout the vessel. It had to be discrete and complement the beautifully hand crafted decor, while also giving plenty of sound when entertaining on board. Space was at a premium so we had to be exacting in our design for the AV equipment, and because this vessel was destined for offshore cruising were broadband would be expensive we had to limit the use of streaming media services.

We chose a combination of Control4 touch screens and SR260 remotes located around vessel for control, we deployed hidden wifi access points throughout to provide seamless wifi access while cruising locally, as well as a centralised video server, and multiple sky decoders that streamed HD video to each smart TV screen and the on board Theatre.

The client loved his music so we integrated a music server with plenty of albums to choose from right off the touch screens or his portable device of choice.

The key to making this project successful was to design it very carefully and work closely with the boat builders to get all the details right.

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment, Networking & Support


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