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We can move or CONCEAL TV's, Projectors & More

Smart Installations offers a comprehensive range of solutions to move and conceal televisions, projectors, appliances and other equipment for functional and aesthetic purposes. Below is a small sample of some of the more popular solutions available. Full CAD drawings are available with comprehensive drawings and elevations for a professional installation.  

Sliding Panel System

Completely conceal a TV behind a moving panel.

The Sliding Panel Mechanism is a moving panel mechanism and allows complete concealment of a flat screen TV.

The mechanism takes a panel inwards and moves it out of sight behind the surrounding panel work before advancing the screen to sit flush with the wall. A distinctively brilliant design, this one-of-a-kind sliding mechanism offers the ultimate in look, functionality and wow factor. Available in a host of options, the Sliding Panel Mechanism allows you to design a wall or cabinet with complete freedom.

  • Range of single panel and split panel options

  • Space efficient design

  • Wide range of cabinetry and wall design options

  • Unique functionality

  • Marine suitable as standard

Table Top TV Rotator

The table top tv rotator is ideal when a TV is required to be viewed in more than one position but is not required to be hidden away when not in use. 

The Table Top TV Rotator is a motorised swivel unit that allows a screen to be electronically rotated either direction on a table or cabinet top. Ideal for when a screen is needed to be viewed in more than one position but is not required to be hidden away when not in use. The Table Top TV Rotator allows great functionality in a compact design. 

  • Space Efficient Compact Design

  • Full Cable Management

  • Bi-directional Swivel

Motorised Swivel TV Bracket

The motorised swivel tv wall mount bracket allows for hinging a screen with multiple viewing angles up to 90 Deg.  

A dedicated Electric TV Mount, offers full rotation up to 90 degrees in one direction for larger flat screen TVs. The superbly smooth action, cable management, and neat mounting plate encapsulate the quality of Future Automation design with functionality and look unlike any other TV Mount on the market. A variety of mount options ensure that individual screens are mounted in the neatest possible way. 

  • Quiet Smooth Action with Variable Speed Motion

  • Full Cable Management

  • Onboard Electronics

  • Wide Range of Mounting Options