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Smart collaboration systems that will Turbo Charge your business.

 With more and more businesses having multi sites and staff working from home, it is critical to have a meeting system that is robust and flexible at the same time while still being simple to operate.

. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a presentation or video conference ready to go only to have it not respond or you cant hook up. At Smart Installations we can solve all your issues and hand the control to you!



Smart Installations has a Video Conferencing solution to suit every size of business. With the correct network infrastructure in place you will be able to achieve up to 4K resolutions with full surround sound audio.



Smart boards are a revolution in any multi site business. By combining the power of a digital board that transmits anything written on it to all other boards and video conferencing, you have the perfect solution for fast collaboration..



While most people can project their laptop onto a screen, there are always hassles with cable and hoping that it will work. With a fully integrated system you can just work into a room and wirelessly connect with no hassle. You can also simply project to any other screen in your company and have them integrate with the data as required. Simple!



Having good, well controlled lighting is essential to a meeting room. With Smart installations solutions you will have full control at a touch of a button and also have it intergrated into other systems. The simplest of these is to link it to your screen or projector so when a video is played the light will dim to half power.