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The next generation of Electricians are here

Like all trades technology is catching up with Electricians. Gone are the day of just pulling cables and fitting off. their job is about ensuring the electrical infrastructure in your building is robust and future proof to ensure all forms of Automation can be implemented. the problem is not all electricians have kept up with this emerging technology. Here at Smart Installations we will not only that we set up your electrical infrastructure correctly, we will also install all of your automation and control equipment in a one stop shop service. No need to have multiple contractors and suppliers!

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With the advent of smart devices and IOT, the method of wiring has changed. With centralised control of devices it is critical that the electrical infrastructure of your building or office is considered. In fact in most cases a smart wired buildings will use less cables and cost less!

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The heart of your office is right at your fingertips! Be able to control all lighting, heating, security, multimedia and meeting rooms from one integrated control point will revolutionise your office. No need to worry about if the security alarm has been set or the staff turned off all the aircon for the weekend, just control it from your phone anywhere in the world!



While you may have control over your smart devices, the magic is around integration of these devices. Imagine having a system that when you set the alarm, the aircon turns off, all lighting dims for 5 min to let you out then turns off or as you drive to your office, the system recognises you are on your way and turns on the aircon to ensure you are warm in your office. What you can do is limited by your imagination!