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expierence smart home living in auckland

Watch a short video on how home automation could be applied in your home.



The platform is the operating system or brain of your smart home that brings all your devices together. By connecting to and managing the many devices in your home. We have solutions what work wired and wirelessley. 

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Control4 Alarm Interface Page on Mobile Phone  (Control your alarm from your phone)

Control4 Alarm Interface Page on Mobile Phone

(Control your alarm from your phone)

Whether it's a handheld remote for your video experience, a touch screen to browse and play music, or a keypad to manage lights, shades, audio, and more, Control4 has many interfaces that allow you to interact with your home however you choose. And should you prefer no interface at all, simply use your voice to control anything in the house.

Each method of control is designed for simple and easy access to the features you use most, with a consistent look and feel across all devices.

Mobile App:

The Control4 Mobile App with a 4Sight subscription provides secure access to your home while you’re away. With 4Sight, you can monitor cameras, lock the doors, adjust the temperature, close the garage door, and turn off the lights from virtually anywhere in the world using your iOS or Android mobile device, or even your Apple Watch.

how much does home automation cost in nz?

We have written this short article on how much does a smart home cost. One of the first questions potential home automation customers ask when they call our company is: How much does Home Automation cost? Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I will try to do my best here to explain general pricing guidelines. 

How much does home automation cost in NZ

top 5 complaints and solutions regarding home automation 

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What criteria have you set down for selecting your home automation integrator? Who are you going to use? We have written a guide addressing the top 5 complaints and solutions regarding selecting a home automation integrator. 

1: It's going to be complicated and difficult to use.

2: I cant make simple changes myself

3: I did not get what I was promised and it's still not finished

4: I installed a system and now that brand is not manufactured anymore and I cant get parts.

5: Who owns the code? Can you update my system as I cant get hold of the crowd who originally installed the system?