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Northcote tavern upgrade

The proprietors of the Northcote Tavern were undertaking a makeover of their bar and restaurant facilities and we were asked to design an updated audio and video solution to address some design flaws in the old system and make the system easy to use.  

We choose a DBX audio solution that enabled the client to have independent source and volume control in each bar. This allowed the bar staff to easily change the volume as necessary depending on the time of the day and the size of the crowd. The bar staff can also select audio from two sky decoders (for sports) and select further audio from a radio tuner or audio from computer based music solution all from each bar location. We installed multiple speakers throughout both bar areas to give an even coverage of audio. We upgraded the Taverns video signal capability using the existing TV aerial cables to allow multiple sky decoders to stream HD video to each of the 10 x TV's. By re using the existing tv aerial cabling this was a very cost effective way to stream HD video.  

SERVICES USED: Design, Entertainment & Support


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