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WiFi now needs to be not just faster but more stable and reach further.

As more and more devices are connected to you’re at home and commercial Wi-Fi networks, you will find out how important it is that your Wi-Fi infrastructure solution is supported and meets your needs now and into the future.

Retail in-the-box off-the-shelf solutions that may deliver in the short term, however these solutions are likely to need replacing prematurely as future increases in demand means they struggle to cope resulting in a continuously degrading service experience.

At Smart Installations we have decades of experience in advice and installing rock-solid Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions with excellent connectivity and results, no matter where you are or how many devices you have connected.

The secret is to use the right quality equipment that meets requirements, and is professionally installed.

Below are the considerations Smart Installations uses to ensure the Wi-Fi infrastructure solution selected and installed is best for you.


Coverage and positioning.

It is recognised by Smart Installations that every home or commercial property is unique. Building material, layout, areas of intended use, specific customer requirements as well as distance can be key impacts. Quality mapping of the coverage is critical to ensure an excellent signal throughout the property. An example of this is having Wi-Fi points too close to each other is as bad as them being too far apart. This can create conflicts, hopping, time lags and other issues.


Type of WiFi access points.

Not all access points are the same. Some are designed for better solid material penetration, some are designed for outside use and others are better at handling a high number of concurrent connections. Smart Installations ensure we get this right first time as it can be a frustrating and costly mistake getting the wrong type of access point.


What devices you have connected.

In the modern home and/or office, there are more connected devices than anyone realizes. Generally, most households with two teenage children will have a dozen or more connected devices at any one time, and this is only going to increase. Most off the shelf Wi-Fi solutions cannot cope with multiple concurrently connected devices, particularly if they use large amounts of data. It makes sense to contact Smart Installations and buy an installed, supported Wi-Fi infrastructure solution that meets your requirement and is future proof.



This is a critical factor in choosing a Wi-Fi infrastructure solution, and is something that is not well understood. While most Wi-Fi providers provide a good level of security, usually their systems cannot be upgraded without buying new equipment. A Smart Installations professionally installed Wi-Fi infrastructure solution should have an upgrade path as security protocols change and strengthen.


Ability to protect and limit your children’s screen time

Screen time is a common parental concern - or anyone with a relationship to children, teenagers or young adults. A Smart Installations professionally installed Wi-Fi infrastructure solution allows you to view the use of individual devices. Additionally you can manage when the individual devices can be used. This means the children can have their time limited while the parents and other devices can continue being active. You can even choose or create your own blacklists to protect your children from accidentally searching questionable material.


Expand your future.

When you have a Smart Installations W-Fi infrastructure solution professionally installed, the potential is enormous.

Smart Installations can further support you as a valued customer by installing HI-FI wireless music systems that can play in any room, AV that is exponentially superior with its visuals and sound quality, advanced security systems with CCTV, intercoms, automatic gates and alarms systems that are all integrated to form one system.

You will be able to keep up with the advances in the size of data streaming files. Today HD video needs 5 Mb/s with 4K requiring between 15- 25Mb/s which is becoming the new norm. What is even more breathtaking is 8K is about 24-36 months away from being mainstream and this is estimated to require a whopping 60-100Mb/s!

Image the strain on your Wi-Fi infrastructure solution when you are watching your favorite sports game or show and the children are You Tubing or watching Netflix at the same time. Will the out-of-the box off-the-shelf Wi-Fi cope?

At Smart Installations we build all our Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions to manage up to 1 Gb/s (1 Gigabytes per second) and in our experience the only limiting factor is the actual internet connection into your house.


At Smart Installations we pride ourselves at being the best in the business for Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions and can build a solution that will be perfect for your desired use, is secure and future proof.

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