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Cables are still superior to wires.

Modern wireless communication like WiFi and Bluetooth have changed the way we use technology, but, when it comes to quality, performance and reliability, a good cable wins hands down.

Our philosophy is simple – “we cable wherever possible.”

At Smart Installations we can design and install a cabling network that future proofs your home. It will allow you to have the best possible performance for everything from home theatre to multi-room audio to fingerprint entry devices to high-def video streaming like Apple TV. And if you want to add anything at a later date, it's easy because the cables are already in place.  


Why bad cabling can cost you. 

When cables are simply hanging out of the wall straight into equipment, it not only looks terrible, but it also means a system can be almost impossible to service, maintain and upgrade. If you do want a better system in the future, there’s a good chance the job will be complicated and time consuming – adding to the overall cost.

Get a foundation for the future.

We believe that a good cabling infrastructure should be the foundation for any modern house that wants to make the most of modern technology. 


To talk you through the options in plain english, simply call us.