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Service Platforms

The world of residential technology moves very fast: our customers employ us to clear the fog of options and zero in on the equipment that works, the model ranges that are worth paying for and the technologies that are more than the sum of their parts when integrated together.


We base all of our work around 6 simple platforms: design, cabling infrastructure, entertainment, networking & internet, security & access control and energy management - underpinning all of this is our support service.

We can be engaged to build out any one or more of these - so for some developments we are retained for design only: in this case we nail down the specification, draw up detailed cabling plans to allow for the execution of this spec. and, for prudent future allowance, calculate key cabling conduit sizings & equipment locations as well as produce a detailed Bill of Materials for the equipment.

In other projects we protect our clients and specifiers from the execution risk by taking end-to-end responsibility from design, through supply and commissioning to handover. In these cases we provide the same design services, project manage the cable implementation and then carry out all the engineering to provide a turn-key technology system for the clients when they move into the property.