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Hello! Is it me you’re looking for? A Lionel Richie classic from the eighties and also a question we ask our new customers.

New builds, renovations and home improvements have involved the same group of tradespeople for decades. Builders, roofers, plumbers, electricians and decorators are just a few of the usual suspects but how many projects use the services of a Home Technology Professional? What is a Home Technology Professional (HTP or Home Tech Pro)?

It’s probably easier for me to describe the kind of services a HTP can provide using scenarios our customers tell of everyday.


“I need my new super-slim TV mounted on the wall, I want all the wires hidden and one remote control to control everything.”  Contact a Home Tech Pro, they’ll advise on screen height, type of bracket and set up remote and app control of your entertainment devices.



“I have all my music stored on my PC, I stream music from Spotify and Apple Music. How do I unleash this music to every room in the house and have control of the track and volume using my smartphone?”  Bread and butter task for a Home Tech Pro which normally involves no wires.


“I have decent broadband speeds but the signal is not reaching everywhere in the house. I’ve tried those plug in extenders but the internet is slower now.”  Time for a HTP. They’ll provide secure, far reaching wireless access points to create one big wireless cloud in your home.



“I’ve got an alarm system but I would have no idea if it’s going off when I’m at work, I’d also like to see what’s happening at home via a camera I can view on my tablet.”  Your Home Tech Pro will setup notifications from your alarm system and install and setup cameras around your property, viewable from anywhere in the world. 


Mood Lighting

“I’d like something different from the boring downlights and pendant fittings. I want colour changing LED lighting with control using my smartphone.”  Home technology professionals can install and setup mood lighting in one room or your whole home. It can even be combined with your music and TV setup for different room scenes.

Motorised Curtains and Blinds

“I’m fed up with tangled cords and also want the blinds and curtains to close at the same time in the evenings for privacy and security.”  Your HTP will measure, provide fabric samples and install your automated window treatments.

Future Ready Home

“I’m building my new home for today and for the future. How can I ensure I’m putting in the right cabling, in all the right places?”  A Home Technology Professional must be involved at the early stages of your project. They can work with your architect, lighting and interior designers to ensure that your Grand Design is built to last.

Local Professional

Smart Installations are  CEDIA certified home technology professionals and have extensive experience in designing and installing technology into new build, renovated and existing homes. Follow us on Twitter @smartinstalls to see our installations across the NZ.