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Smart doorbells are the next trend in home automation, and they can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system. Don’t just get alerted when you have a visitor; use high-quality micro-cameras to see who’s on your doorstep right from your smart device — no matter where you are. Here are two connected doorbells you should consider to increase the convenience and security of your smart home.


The Ring doorbell is the most basic, and most cost-effective, way to add the security and sanity of a smart doorbell to your home. Smart Installations can easily install Ring almost anywhere and can set it up to chime through the speakers in your home, so you can hear it anywhere (either through a Control4 system-enabled speaker or with the product’s own built-in announcements). The unit uses the existing doorbell wiring in your home for power and chime notifications, and it communicates wirelessly through your WiFi router. For an extra $40USD a year, you can access recorded data from anywhere in the world.


Ring comes with a high-quality camera and sleek design made to fit almost any door

It’s simple, just connect via WiFi and you’re all set

Download the Ring app on Android or iPhone and start using it right away


Slow response times in weak WiFi areas

No smart integration support with high-end Control4 systems

The camera only works when the doorbell button is pressed or motion is detected

Price NZD $399 plus installation



The DoorBird has all the same features as Ring with the added benefit of integrating into a Control4 smart home system. The camera is always on, so you can access the viewpoint at any time. The DoorBird can also trigger any smart lock connected to your smart home system, and it also has an extra output to drive a single door lock. In fact, experts are calling DoorBird the best doorbell camera for home automation integration.



  • Hardwired or wireless integration for more diverse installation applications
  • Comes in flush or external mount options
  • The camera is always on
  • Full integration into Control4, including door station support


  • App design needs to be updated
  • Cloud support for video storage (coming soon!)
  • Price from NZD $650*, plus installation (model pictured is $1055)

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