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Smart Home Bathroom on The Block Australia

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We were thrilled to see smart home systems featured on The Block Australia tonight. Ben and Andy brought together heritage features and cutting edge technology in their bathroom reveal. The judges were amazed with the voice activated control of the lights, taps and even a privacy panel in the glass door.

Smart Bathroom Ben and Andy The Block

The Block episode last night showcased the Telstra Home Automation system. This system is not yet available to consumers but will feature a monthly subscription service, much like your home internet service. It’s wireless – so great for existing homes and apartments, and voice-activated – a feature we have been raving about in recent blogs on our website. 
Ben and Andy has their voice activated assistant “Honey”, at the controls but we can work with existing voice-activated technology assistants such as Siri and Alexa.

Available now from Smart Installations
These are features that we can offer you right now with existing technology systems so no need to wait if you are ready to update your home or business with smart technology.

Imagine what we could do with your home?

  • Turn on your air-conditioning before you get home
  • Check the lights in the home have been switched off
  • Turn the Spa on
  • Check the garage doors are closed
  • Manage blinds and shutters throughout the day – programed with the sun to minimise electricity expenses
  • Setup your ‘Home Sleep Mode’ – Activated when you turn the alarm on as you leave. ‘Home Sleep Mode’ turns down the power usage while you’re out and about. Switching off lights and accessories, closing blinds and shutters. This is completely customisable.
  • Give a family member or a guest access to your home via a smart app from anywhere in the world
  • Control your local network connection, making sure Wifi is on 24/7

Contact us now to create your own smart home system.