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HC250 Challenge

With the influx of the Internet of Things, many companies are jumping on the home control bandwagon; meanwhile Control4 has been perfecting it for years.
We don't believe that home automation is one off-the-shelf device or app that is designed to control your bedside lamp and another that gives you the ability to ramp up the temperature. 

It's about ONE scalable system, with ONE central "brain," and ONE app that gives you the ability to control it all.  The great thing about the Control4 HC-250 is that you aren't hooked into a subscription service or required to purchase many additional components to obtain control over the third-party household devices that you already use on a day-to-day basis.

You just might be surprised with what you can get from just one small box. We invite you to take the One Device Challenge, give us a call or drops us an email 0800 021 711 or