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The search for the strongest wi-fi signal in the home is often a frustrating walk around your house. I've lost count of the amount of customers who have complained to us before we start a job that their wi-fi is only good here, here or here! Wi-fi should be consistently available in all corners of the home, including outside. It's so simple to improve your wi-fi.

When we wire a new property or re-wire a renovation project, we wire for wireless with Cat6 cabling (the same cabling we use for CCTV, on-demand TV and telephone). A survey is carried out to calculate the optimum ceiling mounted positions for wireless access points to provide you with the best signal throughout. The access points also manage your devices connection to ensure that it is always handled by the access point with the strongest signal.

Please don't rely on your Spark or Vodafone router to provide you and your family with the best wi-fi coverage. A two access point system connected to your router, with an installed price of around $600, will provide excellent wireless coverage throughout your home. 

Smart Installations can carry out a wi-fi survey at you place. Book your survey now.